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Under this definition includes the projects of family houses and multifamily buildings and facilities both public and private. These projects include complete calculations of structures, facilities etc.. The work begins with the first studies or sketches and ending with the management and reception work.

In 1975, we start with single-family housing projects and soon with the first building in height in Salt (Girona).


The recovery of the original state of the building and by level of intervention, we classify the works of consolidation, conservation, rehabilitation or restoration.

It begins with a detailed analysis of all its main elements to pass then retail, structure, foundations, walls etc . to ascertain the defects that may exist. And the corresponding lifting of maps that reflect the morphology and state at the time of the visit.

From the beginning of the activity, will develop projects of this kind, in property, mainly in urban and multifamily.

An added value is to offer technical assistance for the maintenance and preservation of buildings designed in our office or not, was to enjoy the best of them.


Technical advice on any structural element.

Technical projects, all levels, from the initial dimensioning, analysis and calculation of the structure and foundations, as well as structural reinforcement interventions in existing buildings.

Evaluation of the current status of the structure and definition of reinforcements to make in each case.

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